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Snorkel TM12

Platform Height: 3.6m
Working Height: 5.6m
Snorkel-TM12 Specs


The TM12 is robust and durable, designed for a long working life. The TM12 fits through standard internal doors and is light enough to travel in passenger elevators. With a safe working load of 227kg (500lbs), the TM12 can lift two people with tools, and now features a roll-out deck extension for use by one person. It is also rated for outdoor use, for one person. The robust reverse concentric mast design ensures maximum platform stability, even when fully elevated, and it benefits from smooth, proportional control of both elevation & descent functions.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 3.6m
Working Height: 5.6m
Platform width: .74m
Platform Length: .96m
Platform Length c/w Extension: 1.46m
Overall Height: 1.7m
Overall Length: 1.36m
Overall Width: 0.76m

Performance Data
Weight: 830kg
Platform Capacity (Extension capacity): 227kg (113Kg)
Tyres: Non Marking, Solid Rubber
Brakes: Automatic
Wind Speed: 12ms (1 person) or Indoor rated (2 persons)
Lift/Lower time: 18/25 seconds
Gradeability: 25%
Drive Speed (stowed/raised): 3.2/0.65 km/h
Power System: 24V 4hp DC electric motor
Batteries: 4-220 Ah batteries