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SkyJack SJ66T Telescopic Boom

Platform Height: 20.12m
Working Height: 22.12m

Skyjack’s robust and reliable SJ66T boom offers the lowest life cycle costs, proven reliability, and ease of serviceability. Superior terrainability is obtained utilizing Skyjack’s axle based 4WD system offering unsurpassed traction and terrainability; using a ‘No Spin’ differential on the rear axle and limited slip differential on the front oscillating axle. Other competitive advantages include an innovative and intuitive direction sensing drive and steer control system which ensures the boom lift will always drive and steer with respect to the operator rather than the orientation of the chassis.
Skyjack’s standard colour coded and numbered wiring system, along with proven relay based controls, complete a well rounded package of superior, proven, operating characteristics.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 20.12m
Working Height: 22.12m
Platform Size: .91m x 2.44m
Stowed Height: 2.57m
Stowed Width: 2.44m
Stowed Length: 10.34m
Performance Data
Weight: 13110 kg
Platform Capacity: 227kg (2 occupants)
Tyres: 15 x 19.5 grip lug Foam Filled
Gradeability: 50%
Max Drive Speed (Stowed): 7.2 km/h
Max Drive Speed (Elevated): 0.80 km/h
Power Source: 65 hp Deutz Diesel Engine