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Pop Up – Push Eco 8

Platform Height: 2.5m
Working Height: 4.5m
PopUp-Pro-LR Specs

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The next model ahead of the Push Eco 6, This Machine is lightweight, pushed into anywhere by a single operator and a simple up/down control is powered by battery getting you to any height up to 4.5m working height in no time. This option is ideal for working around or above ceiling grids, servicing all manufacturing, engineering or electrical industries. As it is a working platform (to 240kg) it carries your tools and materials too, meaning more productivity and efficiency in your work.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 2.5m
Working Height: 4.5m
Platform Size: 1.01m x .52m
Overall Height: 1.80m
Overall Length: 1.20m
Overall Width: 0.70m
Performance Data
Weight: 343kg
Platform Capacity: 240kg
Tyres: Non Marking Castors
Brakes: Automatic when elevated,
Mechanical for travel (Rear Castors)
Wind Speed: Indoor rated only
Lift/Lower time: 24/25 seconds
Up/Down Cycles
(per charge-full capacity): 300
Power System: 12VDC/0.7kw
Batteries: 12V (80Ah) x 1
Charger: Automatic Multi Voltage