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Pop Up – Push Eco 6

Platform Height: 1.63m
Working Height: 3.63m
Pop-up-Push-LR Specs

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POP-UP replaces the need for ladders and steps to be used indoors in low level access environments. The Machine is lightweight, pushed into anywhere by a single operator and a simple up/down control is powered by battery getting you to any height up to 3.6m working height in just 8 seconds. As it is a working platform (to 240kg) it carries your tools and materials too, meaning more productivity and efficiency in your work.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 1.63m
Working Height: 3.63m
Platform Size: 1.01m x .52m
Overall Height: 1.64m
Overall Length: 1.14m
Overall Width: 0.70m
Performance Data
Weight: 215kg
Platform Capacity: 240kg
Tyres: Non Marking Castors
Brakes: Automatic when elevated,
Mechanical for travel (Rear Castors)
Wind Speed: Indoor Rated Only,
0m per second
Lift/Lower time: 8/8 seconds
Up/Down Cycles
(per charge-full capacity): 300
Power System: 12VDC/0.7kw
Batteries: 12V (80Ah) x 1
Charger: Automatic Multi Voltage