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JLG LiftPod FS80

Platform Height: 2.32m
Working Height: 4.32m
Liftpod FS80 Specs

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Time to let go of the Ladder! This Lightweight, Portable Micro Lift is perfect for all applications both indoor and outdoor up to 4.3m. Made of airplane grade aluminium, it can be transported up stairs, assembled in 30 seconds and carries all tools in the accessory tray to height. Powered by a battery power pack, it can even be run off your 18V cordless drill in extreme cases!

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 2.32m
Working Height: 4.32m
Clearance Height (Top of mast): 2.97m
Overall Length (Assembled): 1.31m
Overall Width (Assembled): 1.04m

Performance Data
Portability: 30 sec assembly/disassembly. Single man to carry upstairs.
Weight (Assembled): 63kg
Platform Capacity (Cage): 150kg
Accessory Tray Capacity: 15kg
Tyres: Non Marking Polyurethane (200mm Diameter)
Wheel Bearing Load (Pressure): 100kg (690kpa)
Wind Speed: 12.5m per second (indoor/outdoor rated)
Lift/Lower time: 20-27/17-22 seconds
Up/Down Cycles (per charge-full capacity): 20
Power System: 28V Power Pack or 18V
(minimum) cordless drill c/w 7/16” socket
Batteries: NiMh Battery Pack (4.5Ah)
Charger: 28V, 2 hour quick charger