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Genie AWP40-S

Platform Height: 12.29m
Working Height: 14.29m
AWP Specs


The Genie AWP™ is an industry favourite known for its ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Very popular for light-duty construction and maintenance, this versatile lift offers 11m working height and the ability to fit through a standard doorway. Ideal for use in Construction, Warehouses, Museums, Theatres, Auditoriums, Sport Facilities, Hotels, & Convention Centres.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 12.29m
Working Height: 14.29m
Outrigger Footprint: 2.26/2.06 m
Platform width: .66m
Platform Length: .68m
Overall Height: 2.78 m
Overall Height (Tilted Back): 1.98 m
Overall Length: 1.42 m
Overall Width: 0.74m

Performance Data
Weight: 472 kg
Platform Capacity: 136 kg
Tyres: Non Marking Castors
Brakes: N/A
Wind Speed: Indoor rated only
Power System: 220V/50-60Hz AC