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Athena Bi-leveling Tracked Scissor Lift

The Athena 1090 Bi-Energy scissor lift features a best in class working height of 10 metres and an amazing ability to self-level on inclines up to 20 degrees. Similar to the 1090 EVO model, the Athena 1090 Bi-Energy includes a larger platform deck with a 300kg lift capacity and an extendable platform for extra reach and access. Proactive and dynamic levelling enables the operator to easily and safely work on slopes thanks to the instinctively automatic leveling.
The Athena 1090 Bi-Energy is powered by a 100Ah-48V LithiumIon power pack and a Hatz Diesel Engine. This gives the scissor lift extra versatility for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Athena 1090 Bi-Energy bi-levelling scissor lift is ideal for many high access applications including construction, signage, electrical, painting, facility maintenance and much more.

Dimensional Data
Basket capacity: 300 kg (2 op)
Max working height: 10.0 m
Max height basket floor: 8.0 m
Moving height: 7.0 m
Lateral levelling for moving at heights: + / – 4°
Performance Features
Powered Standard Diesel Hatz 1B40
Powered Bi energy Lithium Power Pac 100Ah-48V
Powered (option) Petrol Honda iGX390
Accelerator Automatic
Undercarriage Bi-Levelling
Basket levelling Automatic