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9 / 11M Vertical Mast Lift

Platform Height: 9.2m
Working Height: 11.2m


The Raptor MV095J self-propelled mast lift is designed for work in extremely narrow spaces. With zero tail swing, a jib boom and work platform to get way up and over allowing for application to be completed with a minimum of fuss. Electric powered, this two wheel drive work platform reaches up to 9.20M in the air, providing up to 11.20M of reach and can hold up to 200Kg. Perfect for the Supermarkets, aisle work or anywhere there is a tight squeeze!

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 9.2m
Working Height: 11.2m
Platform width: .74m
Platform Length: .96m
Platform Length c/w Extension: 1.46m
Overall Height: 1.7m
Overall Length: 1.36m
Overall Width: 0.76m

Performance Data
Weight: 2950Kg
Platform Capacity: 200kg
Turret Rotation: 345°
Lift/Lower time: 95/50 seconnds
Wind Rating: 12mps (2 occupants)
Tyres: Solid Non Marking
Gradeability: 25%
Max slope: 2.5°
Drive Speed (Stowed/Raised): 4.5/0.5 km/h
Power Source: 24V/30A
Batteries: 24V/240ah