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6 / 8M Electric Scissor

Quieter, clean battery operation for a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors, these scissor lifts are found commonly on all sites. Compact dimensions (including options with fold down hand rails) mean these machine gets into most places, even though doorways. Fully drivable at height, these are fitted standard with non-marking tyres & an array of safety features including pot-hole protection, out of level and emergency lower functions.

Dimensional Data
Working Height: 7.8m
Platform Height: 5.8m
Platform Size (Stowed): .7m x 1.63m
Platform Extension: .91m
Stowed Height: 1.96m
Stowed Width: .76m
Stowed Length: 1.68m

Performance Data
Weight: 1379kg
Platform Capacity: 227kg
Extension Deck Capacity: 113kg
Wind Rating: 12mps
Personnel Capacity (indoor/outdoor): 2/1
Tyres: Non Marking Solid Rubber
Gradeability: 25%
Max Working Slope: 2-3°
Lift/Lower Speed: 22/34 seconds
Max Drive Speed (Stowed): 4km/h
Max Drive Speed (Elevated): 0.8km/h
Power Source: 4 x 6v 220Ah Batteries,
24V Electrics
Charger: 90-240V, 19A